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A Multifandom Friendship Commentfic Fest

In Finland, February 14th is known as ystävänpäivä, 'Friendship Day', and what better way to celebrate it than:

A Multifandom Friendship Commentfic Fest

EDIT Feb 16th (And yes, the meme is still open - for as long as people leave prompts and fill them!)

The rules:

- One prompt per comment, but you can leave as many promps/comments as you like.

- Prompts and fills must focus on friendships between characters. Mentions of romantic (and familial) relationships are allowed, as long as its not the focus of the story/prompt. For example, "Buffy and Willow talk about boys over ice cream" is an OK prompt, as long as the focus is on the friendship between Willow and Buffy and not their relationships with their respective boyfriends. Same goes with ex-lovers and friends-to-lovers scenarios such as Mulder and Scully - just leave off the UST and focus on their friendship, and you're OK.

- All fandoms (including RPF) no matter how big or small are allowed.

- More than one person can fill the same prompt.

- There is no minimum or maximum wordcount for the fills.

- Anon prompts and fills are allowed.

- No bashing of ships or characters.

Please pimp this far and wide :)

(I didn't have time to make fandom specific graphics to pimp the fest, so feel free to make your own - and if you do, let me know and I'll add them here)


Dureena & others
Gideon & others

Lost Girl
Kenzi & Hale

Anya & Joyce
Spike & Dawn
Spike & Joyce
Spike & Joyce

Gwen & Merlin

Red Dwarf
Kochanski & Kryten

Star Trek Reboot
Kirk & McCoy

Lord of the Rings
Gandalf & Bilbo

Babylon 5
Lennier & Vir

Ace Attorney
Franzizka & Edgeworth
Maya & Phoenix

Harry Potter
Ginny & others
Sirius & Hermione

Wes & Gunn
Cordy & Gunn

Avatar the Last Airbender
Katara & Zuko

Castiel & Dean

The Vampire Diaries
Elena & Damon

Burn Notice
Sam & Mike & Fi

Star Wars
Han & Luke

EDIT: For those of you who are on AO3, there is now a collection for the stories.
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